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Vanity Squares


Vanity Squares are a gentle and effective alternative to hair clips, which can crimp, crease and snag the hair while styling.  Vanity Squares are made from a high quality hook and loop material with a designed fabric backing.  Vanity Squares are able to be cleaned for personal use, and hold up to heat and repeated use.  The sturdy design also allows the squares to be rolled into a self stick styling roller.


What You Get

You will receive three squares, one of each color, that are carefully packaged by hand into a convenient plastic pouch. Also included are instructions with three simple steps on how to properly use Vanity Squares for the best results!


History of 'Velcro' (Hook and Loop)

The original Hook and Loop material (Velcro brand name) was invented in the 1940's by George de Mestral in Switzerland.  Since then, 'hook and loop' has been used in many ways, originally popularized by NASA in the 1960's.  Later adopted for many other uses including hair rollers, and hair holding strips, among many other variants, 'hook and loop' is certainly one of the most recognizable fabrics/materials ever invented.


More About Vanity

Internationally awarded hairstylist Jimmy Van Boxel came up with his own variant of the hair holding strip idea, after seeing a similar product in 2001 at an international hair show.  The shape and quality of available hook and loop hair holding strips at that time were not satisfactory for Jimmy, so he designed and manufactured his own, working with a manufacturing plant who could help him specify the size, thickness, quality of material, design, and fabric backing for the product.